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I have got a head in my universe

Welcome to Roads of Wonders.
Here we talk about our fascination, discoveries through our travels in the world surrounding us, its beautiful wilderness, rich and complex civilizations or simply where to find a good place to eat in a city, somewhere.
We travel by the roads of our inner world too, exploring and unraveling the mysteries of the mind, as individuals first, but as members of the human kind.
The roads we take, pass by both of these worlds, going in and out in a constant interaction.
YOUR road. only. begins.

What you will find around here

Roads, a universe

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What do we want you to feel?
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Exploration, for all tastes

We are not all looking for the same thing in exploration.

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Live it up

Tasty and healthy. Take care of your body and check if you have the updated drivers for your morale.

Ouh ! A planet in the sky

Let’s go have a look on what happens there ! Wanna know the good places to visit ? Study abroad ? Maybe… work??? Or know how it feels to dive into the unknown ?chop chop !

What the /%#! is happening around me ?

This… is what a baby asks himself when the worlds overwhelms him with tons of new informations and sensations. You still feel kinda like that don’t you ? Let see how to deal with it !!

Or… is it a brain ? I guess it depends on your…

Imagination ! Here we’ll talk about arts ! Paintings, musics, cinema, a lot of things far from the rational world…somehow so meaningful.

Stars in the eyes?

Have a look on the blog!
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Cream cheese

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